Human-inspired medical coding

Maverick aims to fully automate the laborious task
of medical coding, by providing a domain agnostic
autonomous coding solution.

About us

Maverick Medical AI was founded by senior executives with over 40 years of combined experience in corporate sales and business development, and product management in the digital health industry. Maverick’s leadership team and advisory board includes veteran healthcare executives, highly credentialed medical coders, top software engineers and industry-leading data scientists in the various vertical healthcare markets the company has targeted for its solutions.


The company’s digital fish logo is based on the Babel Fish of Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Like the Babel Fish, an alien fish that performs instant translations, the Maverick platform makes sense of the clutter of text-based patient records, facilitating physician-level analysis and understanding.

Our team

Yossi Shahak

Michael Brozino

Matan Neeman

Shimon Shrem

Liran Nahum

Moshe Nadler

Maydan Weinreb

Alaa Masalha

Andrii Elyiv

Danna Levinson

Shlomo Yona

Yan Bloch



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